A Property Management System (PMS) Integration is a powerful piece of software designed to help you manage the displays in a hotel environment, centrally and securely. By linking your hotel PMS together with PPDS’ CMND server, you will unlock additional features and benefits, including the ability to enable Netflix on your Philips MediaSuite TVs.

Basic features:

Check-in & Check-out:   By sending a check-in and check-out to the in-room display, you will prevent the user’s credentials and user settings to be erased every time the TV is turned off.  At the check-out, the credentials are automatically erased and the TV is reset to the initial state, ready for the next guest.

Note: This function is the minimum requirement for enabling Netflix in a hotel room.

Guest Name:  Make the guest feel personally addressed and welcomed by displaying his name on the TV screen

Premium features:

Guest Language:  Foreign speaking guests will be delighted to see that you have preconfigured the TV directly from the reception desk into their own native language.

Guest Message:   Send messages from the front desk to the guest, displayed on the TV.

Guest Bill:  Provide an easy way for the guest to consult the status of his hotel bill in real time.

Express Checkout: Allow the guest to save time by doing the check-out process directly from the TV.

All features are optional and can be enabled/disabled according to your preference
Not all PMS integration partners support every feature and not all PMS systems support premium features.  Please check with the PMS integration parters which features can be supported on your system.