What if my PMS system is not listed?

It may happen that the PMS system you want to integrate with is not listed.  Here are the options to explore:

1. The first thing to do is to take contact with one or more PMS integration partners active in your region/country to enquire if your PMS system can be supported by them.  In many cases, support can be added.

2. In case all options result in a dead-end and you are not able to acquire support for your PMS system from our integration partners, PPDS offers an alternative solution to check-in a guest through the GuestConnect Application.  Please contact your local PPDS sales representative for more details.


I have a team that is smart enough to write my own interface, is that possible?

Yes, connecting a PMS system to our CMND server is complicated, but not rocket science.  People with a strong background in software development may be able to write their own interface.  For this purpose, we have integrated an open standard API on our CMND server to develop upon.  Mind that not all PMS system providers will allow non-certified solutions to be hooked into their system. Please contact your local PPDS sales representative for more details or if you are an existing customer, you can raise a ticket for support via 

About CMND

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